Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Where am I going to put my clothes?

Since G's last visit to Vancouver, I have been pondering the bedroom storage problem. Image, a bachelor having to deal with the possibility that he may become part of a couple. The issue of bedroom storage dynamics has been on my mind of late. Even after culling 60% of my wardrobe, I still have items stored on my Ikea bench. This has lead me to research clothing storage and chests of drawers. As G would remind me, look at the building, not the hinges on the door.

I have already been looking into drawer design, jointing details, materials, and diving into the minute details of creating custom furniture. This is me. I like to master the details first, then encorporate them into a larger design picture. I really want to build something to test some theories, but at the same time, the real problem I want to solve is to create a comfortable environment for my girlfriend when she moves in. Being Brian, I need to compromise on what I want to do and what I must do.

The bigger picture dicates that I do a floor plan for the bedroom, that includes storage, an area so G can get ready for work or school or a night on the town. She is right handed, so I have to bear that in mind. At the same time, I need to decide how to accomplish this. I need to decide whether we will be satisfied with offshore built, mass produced, disposable furniture or be happier with custom built, hand crafted, durable (100 year) stuff that we love. There are cost and time factors that go into this equation. I like Maple furniture in the bedroom. Ikea only supplies birch at best. (gag me with a spoon) I have had 500 board feet of birch stacked in the basement for the last 10 years. I use it to lean up against the basement door to prevent break-ins. Other than that, I can't see a use for it.

For the last few weeks, I have had the urge to re-configure the shop to work with sheet goods. My brother Graham has asked me to make a small run of bookshelves that he can re-sell. Everything is pointing to 'Brian get some furniture on the go!'. I have spent the last few hours looking at joints for ply. Sliding Dovetails. Drawer back joints. Materials for drawer sides. Taig Frid warns that 'particle board has no grain strengh, therefore....' Most of Ikea drawers are made of particle board. No wonder. It's problematic from the get go.

Stay posted for ideas and thoughts. I have reference material on order from Taughntons. I intend to come up with an affordable, durable, craftsman-like furntiure solution for the bedroom. I just want G to be comfortable when she is getting ready.

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