Thursday, March 13, 2008


It's a treat to have G in your life. We had a quick midnight chat tonight about projects. I think the fact that I am ready to actually even visit the shop and pick up a tool is a good sign. I have been recovering from a little knee problem, and today I just had my first ever root canal. The dentist said that I was grinding my teeth and actually loosened a filling. I remember when I did it. It was during a particularly difficult time working through sport admin back in January. I am a big baby at heart, but I do heal quickly compared to most, and am no stranger to pain. The fact that I even want to get back to work is a clue. Accountant tomorrow morning, which will be nothing compared to the root canal. Then bank. Then I can start having fun again, and get on with a very interesting and wonderful life.

G floated the idea of incorporating some of my latest 'quest for drawer' urges into the list of existing Camp Projects. She is really good. Immediately after our midnight chat, I headed straight for the shop and did an inventory of what I had on the floor. I have a little maple. I have 9 cherry table legs, and some finished cherry shorts. I suppose I should be building a proper computer desk and a small knitting table out of my cherry inventory before it warps.

Here was G's suggestion. Why don't I complete the matching bedside table (One is done), and incorporate some of my drawer ideas into the piece? It must be nice to be right handed once in a while. You see, her idea was very, very practical. My first table, made during my first cabinet making course, uses hand cut dovetails for the joinery. I remember my teacher laughing at me. He called me the 'Dovetail Man'. That little bedside table is a two or three lifetime piece (300 years). It's put together like a puzzle. The pieces actually hold themselves together. The forces balance very nicely. Every day, the piece gets a little stronger. It has one simple drawer. I will build a similar piece, and use a 'mass production' drawer technique to test some of my recently acquired knowledge. Time to buy a little maple and a little maple ply. With G's idea, I can explore many techniques I will require for Graham's Bookcases, and home storage while filling a Camp need.

G tried to talk me out of the 'Dressing Table' concept for the bedroom. Anyone that knows her will agree that she has a very 'pink' side to her that compliments her professional side quite nicely. This is a design issue that I am sure the two of us will discuss further. If I created the 'Dressing Ledge', or 'Dressing Perch', I may be assured success. At least my insight still works.

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