Friday, March 7, 2008

70th Birthday Gathering

Last weekend, as you know, I packed myself off to Hereford for my stepfather's 70th Birthday gathering.

It was actually quite a small gathering of 12 consisting of my parents, brothers and sisters (full, halves and steps), some of whom brought their partners, plus one cousin and my nephew.

You know, it went well, as family events go - I am not sure whether this can be attributed to the fact that we are all grown up now or the fact that my mother phoned everyone ahead of time and promised to dispatch us forcibly to the moon (via the end of her foot) if there was any bad behaviour.

We almost all managed it too. Phew.

So here is my stepfather - a portrait of the artist on his 70th birthday - as he is the oldest student of his local art college where he is doing an Art Foundation course.

Interestingly, he has some of his new work up around the house and they are very different to the style of work that he used to produce - I think that the course he is doing has really given him the chance to explore new things.

He is holding the watch that we all clubbed together to give him. It is an English case, swiss action, half hunter, key wound pocket watch and the case is hall marked Birmingham 1886 - he loves it. Phew.

I will edit this to post the link to the photos when I have finished uploading them all to Flickr. Some faces you will recognise, others you have yet to meet (no doubt you will in due course)!

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Brian said...

The watch turned out to be very good idea after all. I can see from the look on step-dad's face that it was all worth while. I wish I could have been there with you.