Saturday, February 23, 2008

Valentine's Week at Camp

We have established a new camp tradition! There are clues on the table...

Valentine's Week!
Campers decided that romance should be given higher priority. After all, doesn't the thought of Valentine's Day remind one of trying to eat a single kernel of popcorn?

We didn't manage to use all of the firewood, but gave it a good try. However, we did consume all of the Prosecco, Champagne, and all but polished off the Chardonnay.

G brought sunshine to Vancouver! We could actually see the water and mountains at the same time during the drive back from Whistler. We could walk on the beach.
Together, we diligently foraged the surrounds for food and managed to come up with a nice Halibut recipe, and 'Oysters Gabrielle', which will we would be delighted to serve if you want to visit camp. It wasn't just a holiday you know. G noted a few 50% off signs here and there and did a little shopping. We picked up a few things to make camp cozier, and yes, there was yarn too... We spent time with friends. G even heard a good bear sighting story. Scrabble can be a bloodsport.
Valentine's week was very successful. The only downside to it was that it prompted many tears at the airport. We didn't need cleaning staff to assist, but dehydration was a concern. Could we try a Valentine's Year?

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