Wednesday, February 6, 2008

So which is it to be?!

Jacket A: ancient, blue man's jacket - size Large. My first ever ski jacket, bought in a sale, marked down as inner padding was missing. Columbia Sport Company jacket, made in Bangladesh. Has been used as a range jacket for years now as it is proven to be waterproof during complete deluges. Therefore a bit smelly? But hey, we are only skiing for 3 days!

Jacket B: also bought in a sale, my second ever ski jacket. Lightly padded. 5 Seasons jacket. It looks like it is more reputable but unfortunately, it is not waterproof as I discovered to my utter dismay the last time I went skiing and it rained on the pistes (yup)! That's skiing in Europe for you.
I got soaked to the skin, froze and was off the mountain before I died of cold. I had to wear a granny rain mac over the top of it for the rest of the week. Despite trying to wash it in that re-waterproofing stuff. Not sexy. It is clean though - I must have washed it before I stored it away.

Neither are perfect, eh? I will try to get my sister's from her sometime this week...ho hum.


Brian said...

I and Jesper checked Whistler weather trends for next week. It looks like there will be a couple of snow days followed by a rain day. The most waterproof one is the best choice G.

Brian said...

At least you will have a hint of RG residue as opposed to Varget. You will find out what Varget smells like if you ever try my handloads. It's worth spending a bit more on a different powder just for that one reason. It's worth dropping a point here or there to avoid the fumes.