Sunday, February 3, 2008

03/02/08 - The London List Update

This is where I am on what I need to do before I head towards camp. Just don't ask me anything about washing, packing or ski kit. My head will implode.

2008 Easter Meeting:

         do cost model for Easter meeting: competitions, prizes, hospitality, etc. and send off for review and approval by Committee

         confirm that Club's IT programme will cope with Easter programme and ask person who created it if they would run the Easter meeting stats - answer is yes it can and yes he will

         confirm that Club has a correctly qualified person to run competitions over Easter weekend

         create entry form for Easter meeting, have it proofed by commitee  (in progress)

  • Complete committee edits, and send off to Karen for printing (must be done before Canada)

2008 Start of Season Match & Availability Administration:

         chase all opposition captains to finalise dates for fixtures when match space is available

         book match space with relevant authority

         confirm finalised dates, match details, including hospitality back to opposition captains

         book appropriate hospitality at the Club to support fixtures – booked in draft, with promise of follow up , once opposition captains have confirmed

         create 2008 fixture list availability form, plus Captain's letter with match administration and eligibility details, send off for proofing, on return, edit and send off for print and issue to all Club Members.  Also to Club Secretary for issue to members via email.

         Set up docs needed to receive and proces all availability returns.

        update Club Blog with last year's match results, this year's fixture list etc

set up documents needed for the administration of each match fixture - I have decided to leave this until I am back from Canada, the Club has had its pound of flesh for now?        

Most Urgent Knitting Projects - highlighted in yellow, what I need to do before Canada trip:


         proof pattern again

         take pictures of the finishing technique I used (not sure how to do that on my own!)

         send all to R with other general photos, for proofing, editing and publishing.


         complete wrap template

         start wrap

This will have to be done during/after my trip:

         in February - work nothing else, except wrap

         finalise pattern (good grief, writing it down, makes it sound so easy)

         package and send to R.


Dotty said...

Does your camera have a self timer? You'll probably need a tripod or something to prop the camera up. But once you've got it set up, you just need to start the self timer and stand behind the camera with your hands in front of it. You'll have enough time to position your hands and check to make sure it's framed correctly before the picture's taken.

Brian said...

You are knocking off items at an amazing rate. Will the printing issues be resolved before you leave?