Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cozy Bedroom

The blinds were delivered from the factory today! I could not wait to install them in the bedroom so I left the office early under the cover of heavy snowfall. I explained to my department that they should leave early because I did not want to take responsibility for what would happen to them on their commute in a heavy Vancouver snowfall.

The blinds are up! The temperature in the room went up 2 dregrees as soon as the last one was hung. Two weeks ago, G & I had a quick discussion via SMS, 8 time zones apart, on the different alternatives for this window. In the end we decided on a combination of blinds, and fabric drapes.
I had the option of purchasing vinyl and saving $150 or so. I opted for the real wood, and G went with me on it. The basis of my decision was that for the extra few dollars, I could eliminate some plastic in my life, and add real warmth to the room. If we get a few extra hours of sleep I think it's worth the money.
G, please note the copy of 'History of the Anglo-Saxons'. If you can't sleep, I would recommend thumbing through this book. I defy any human to read more than 6 consecutive pages without passing out. On a more practical note, we have a 1/2 cord of dry firewood set to be delivered on Friday morning. If the weather in Vancouver remains in it's current state, we will use every sliver.

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