Thursday, February 7, 2008

The List - Time to Admit Defeat (For Now)

Sport Admin

  • Create entry form for Easter meeting, have it proofed by commitee
  • Complete committee edits, and send off to Karen for printing.
Most Urgent Knitting Projects

  • proof pattern again

    However, I have found that I need to unpick top of crown just to check that I have the last 5-6 rows documented correctly. This has stalled progress as work has thrown extra, unscheduled things at me this week and I have been working late.

    So the above and everything below will have to be done when I get back from Canada. It is Thursday night, I am packing and it is time to admit defeat on this list.
  • take pictures of the finishing technique I used (not sure how to do that on my own!)
  • send all to R with other general photos, for proofing, editing and publishing.


  • complete wrap template
  • work nothing else, except wrap
  • finalise pattern (good grief, writing it down, makes it sound so easy)
  • package and send to R.

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