Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hello Campers...

It's time to open the curtain of silence around the most recent Camp Project. G has successfully coached me through the bedroom 'enlightenment' phase of Camp transformation. Managing a project 8 time zones away is not for the feint at heart. Not everyone can do it. Say goodbye to your sleep paterns. You also have to be one of those rare people that can play chess blindfolded, because everything purely abstract due to it's distance. You can't just look something. You have to imagine it.

We discovered that there is a paint manufacturers use a seasonal marketing theme, and run their programs differently across multiple global markets. For instance, the first thing G & I discovered was that in Canada, 'Wedding White' is marketed in the UK not as a white at all. It's a grey! With overtones of the Moores. Much less virginal. This became problematic for us. Canadian paint distributors not cross-reference to UK colours as they lacked the information and the interest to do so. There were technical issues as well. No two computer monitors render the same colour the same way. Even the same brand and model will render colours differently when different drivers are used in different computers. Then there is the seasonal aspect to the marketing program. I returned to the same Paint Retailer attempting to obtain a colour that I applied successfully in October, only to find it did not exist any longer.

This is the bedroom before 'enlightenment'. This photo was taken with flash, and enhanced.

This is the bedroom after 'enlightenment'. The photo was taken at the same time of day with the same camera settings, except with no after the fact enhancement.

Colours by General Paint (Canada)

Walls and ceiling: 1042W Mistaya
Trim: 1041W Mosquito Pass

Ceiling & ceiling cove!: General Ceiling Dead Flat
Walls: Eggshell Trim: Semi-Gloss

Quite the transformation. This project got 'bumped' on the priority list. I suffer a bit from S.A.D. and G was worried about me. We both agreed that this project needed to be completed straight away.

Special thanks to G for her everlasting and enduring patience through this one.

Next Project in the Pipeline
This is a preview of the next Camp Project. Leo has requested that an insect screen be installed on the bathroom window. I know its January, and there are no insects around, except the ones frozen to the ground, but the purpose of this project is to build campers moral, and re-inforce the concept that a camper can actually request a change in camp and see it eventually accomplished. Besides, why wait till May when you can do it in January.
I measured up the window, and of course it's not a standard measurement, and yes, it was not designed to take a screen, but you know what? I took a couple of years of Engineering at UBC at great personal expence, and now it's time to get my moneys worth out of my education. The builder in me just wants to tear out the existing window and replace it with a modern one with a screen and an electric ventilation fan. Outside, it's 2 degrees below zero, and we have light snow falling, so instead I have decided to build a simple screen out of raw components that will fit the window frame. I have devised a hinge mechanism that will allow easy access to 'pop' the screen and open or close the window with just two fingers. I can easily attach the screen to the hinge using pop rivets (take less room than screws and I am working with aluminum here campers). The weather stripping is going to be used to make up the clearance for the Burglar Alarm wires I have to work with as a constraint in this project.
Child's play.


Gabrielle said...

You know, I had forgotten just how dark your bedroom was before you started work - my memory of your bedroom was that it was just a bit gloomy and cold feeling.

But now look at it! What an amazing difference between the before and after photos - congratulations B!

It is my hope that, over time, your bedroom will become the place that you always head to when you want to sleep... I must confess, I have been really worrying about you sleeping on your couch so much.

It seemed to me that there must be something not right about your bedroom for you to avoid it so assiduously.

Plus when you sleep on your sofa, you invariably wake up at 1-2am, cold and uncomfortable - then have to decide where you want to sleep for the rest of the night.

I am glad that we talked this through and that you decided to bump this project up your priority list.

The best news was when you confessed that you came in from your errands yesterday and went to lie down on your bed for a snooze.

You wouldn't have done that before. It's a good sign!

Gabrielle said...


Just how happy am I that you have decided to install a bug shield?!

(Even if their effectiveness if not well proven! I hate biting flies.)

B, you are doing it at exactly the right time - this is not like Christmas shopping in July.


You see, the trick is to install one when all insectlife is dead or hibernating.

That way, you are well defended by the time the nasty little things decide it is warm enough to emerge/hatch and are drawn into your bathroom by an open window, light, moisture and warmth - stylets drawn and vile antihemostatic and anti- inflammatory enzyme containing saliva ready to inject.

Ick. You work now is likely to save me from painful, itchy bites later. Just think: you'll be my hero. What could be better?!