Thursday, January 10, 2008

Keeping Up Project Momentum!

Okay, I appreciate it is polite to allow a decent period of time to elapse before I shout, "Next!" across eight time zones.

Absolutely, you should revel in the glory of your beautiful table and allow its loveliness to shine out from the top of our blog for a few days. But do you know what fella? Right now, I think that we both need to keep busy.


...what do you fancy doing next?!

High Priority/Quick Wins

  • A Must for the bathroom: bug shield for window to keep out flies and spiders (proposed by L and seconded by G who is absolutely delicious to biting flies)

  • Dining Area: clean windows and rub down window paintwork (to get rid of the glue-on, velcro strip residue), undercoat and then gloss all window frames Brilliant White?

    Once this is done, we can investigate blinds when I am there to protect you from your neighbour's morning attire?!

  • Veranda: clear clutter and consider whether table and chairs have had their day. If so, dispose of them...?!

  • L's Bedroom: refresh paint and put up proper, interlined curtains (both of L's choice)

Medium Term, Larger Projects

  • Veranda: design (and make?) dining table/chairs (or benches?) for next summer. Consider outside grill/BBQ for the summer?

  • B's Bedroom: make 2nd bedside table and refresh wall colour!

  • Living Area: remove knotty pine cladding and 60s-70s cupboard-shelving add-ons to reinstate original room finish? Then replace mantelpiece with a simple section of wood that you really like and consider making complementary, more efficiently planned bookcases for book storage?
Long Term, Bigger Projects

  • Kitchen: tackle lack of storage and food preparation areas by replanning cupboards and counter surfaces. Include dishwasher in replanning process! And also relocate corner recipe bookcase to maximise space for dining table? If so, add storage for recipe books and dining table items (napkins, table mats) into kitchen cupboard plan!

  • Bathroom: hunt down a sink in a colour and style that goes with the existing bath and toilet and redo the surrounding bathroom cabinet, sink and mirror piece. New bath taps?

  • Living Area: when heavy duty work is done - new drapes or blinds (warmth and privacy)! Then, smaller footprint fish tank and hang pictures of your own choice!

  • Garden: redesign for ease of upkeep during summer months?

  • General: protect and enhance all beautiful wood floors by refinishing them.

  • General: brighten and warm rooms by phasing out green paint - suggest introduction of lighter colours in keeping with age-style of house?

  • Basement: set up proper office-computer-games room space?

  • Longer term, aspirational project: add big white, sunny room to top of house?!


Brian said...

Easy peezy lemon squeezy.

Dotty said...

That's quite the "honey do" list. Does B get to make a similar list for you?

BTW, a window screen does not keep out spiders. They find a way into your house no matter what. We also don't have biting flies. It's the mosquitoes that you need to worry about. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about. Mosquitoes love "chinese food".