Wednesday, January 9, 2008

To Cheer Us Up a Bit!

It's in the house!

Notice how it fits the rug G picked perfectly. Oh!

G had a long evening working and I hope she is actually sleeping soundly while I write this. There is not much I can do from here to help, except distract her a little.

I should not mention this, but the table was 2 inches (5cm for metric campers) too high so I had to chop a bit off the legs. You can't really do that with a shrug I guess. The table top is removable, so the whole thing is really quite easy to move G!

Don't worry honey, we will buy chairs. Now I just need to devise a way to store my recipes in the kitchen. No more oil fumes. I need the brain cells for my old age, or do I? Hmmm. (Scratch)
Postscript from G: B, now that the dining table is finished I recommend that you filter our blog, using the 'Dining Table' link on the right hand side so that you can read everything that we have posted about it, from the bottom to the top.
This way, you can see how your project unfolded, from the very beginning - from our discussions about its design, your trip to purchase the timber, your work in progress and right up until last night, when you posted about the final piece in situ.
I think that it makes a really lovely read - if reading it doesn't give you a real sense of satisfaction about a good project, well done, then honey...
...I am off to fetch the skillet!


Dotty said...

It looks awesome! What do you mean "buy chairs"? Don't you want to make them yourself?

Gabrielle said...

B - the table looks great, what a wonderful achievement! It does cheer me up to see it, especially wth those candles...perhaps we can look to see in February how those chairs you picked out in October will work wth the table (as they should complement each other very well from a style perspective).

D - I think that it is a combination of equipment and time? B & I looked at some lovely chairs that he really liked. He felt that he would prefer to buy, rather than make them himself!

Gabrielle said...

I keep sneaking back to look at the table while I am at work!

How funny that you had to chop 2" off the legs! No wonder (as a tall man) your brother liked the table: he would have been very comfortable with the extra height.

As for me, I would have needed a child's booster cushion on my chair in order to join the taller beings at the table for dinner!

That wouldn't have given me a short ar5e complex at all. Much!

Brian said...

I might go and look at chairs today at lunch. Leo and I passed that chair factory during Christmas shopping. I will compare available mass produced chairs to hand made chairs. I would prefer to buy them, as some of the work needs steam bending, which I am not set up for. You also must bear in mind the magnitude of the Camp Projects List posted on this sight. So little time...

Dotty said...

My comment about making the chairs was obviously posted before G made her "honey do" list public. After seeing it, by all means, buy the chairs. You'll be too busy to make them yourself.