Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Honey Please Don't Implode List!

Edited 26/01/08: Updated and reprioritised!

Okay, the immediate list in London can be broken down into three task types:
  • Sport Administration (highest urgency)
  • Urgent Knitting Projects (next highest urgency)
  • House Maintenance/Repairs/Organisation (lowest urgency).

Sport Admin

As you know, it is vital that I get this all sorted as quickly as possible. Actually, it's been my primary personal time focus since you headed home. I've been drowning in it, actually. The immediate tasks break down into two types:

2008 Start of Season Match & Availability Administration:

  • chase all opposition captains to finalise dates for fixtures when match space is available
  • book match space with relevant authority
  • confirm finalised dates back to opposition captains (with exception of 1 Club I cannot get hold of at all) and agree match hospitality
  • book appropriate hospitality at the Club to support fixtures
  • create 2008 fixture list availability form, plus Captain's letter with match administration and eligibility details, send off for proofing , on return edit and then send off for printing and distribution to all Club Members
  • set up documents needed to receive and process all availability returns
  • set up documents needed for the administration of each match fixture
  • update Club Blog with last year's match results, this year's fixture list etc.

2008 Easter Meeting:

  • do cost model for Easter meeting: competitions, prizes, hospitality, etc. and send off for review and approval by Committee
  • confirm that Club's IT programme will cope with Easter programme and ask person who created it if they would run the Easter meeting stats (yes it can and yes he will)
  • create entry form for Easter meeting, have it proofed by committee and send off for printing
  • confirm that Club has approached correctly qualified people to run competitions over Easter weekend

Most Urgent Knitting Projects


  • proof pattern
  • take pictures of the finishing technique I used (not sure how to do that on my own!)
  • send both to R with other general photos, for proofing, editing and publishing.


  • complete wrap template
  • in February - work nothing else, except wrap
  • finalise pattern (good grief, writing it down, makes it sound so easy)
  • package and send to R.

House Maintenance/Repairs/Organisation

  • move chest of drawers and set up desk and PC in spare room
  • replace, or at least repair, the front door and its frame
  • fix the chest of drawers so that I can use it to store yarn (not kidding!)
  • fill holes created by fallen down curtainpole and then put curtain pole back up
  • put up my picures?
  • garden garden garden (back and front)
  • store decs, portable tv etc. in loft?!


Brian said...

G. I am so happy the you made a dent in the fixtures this weekend. When you held up the calendar to the camera, I did a mental comparison with the early version you showed me. I have watched you grind away hour after hour on admin, every night after work since I got on the plane to come to Vancouver. You have born that responsibility very well. It will be extremely difficult for your Club to find someone with your dedication to replace you. I have seen the timestamps on some of your emails, and they are way past both our proper bedtimes. Being involved in the same sport as you, I have at least a basic understanding of the effort that must be put in by a few, so others benefit. Kind of like me with my Canadian BBQ. That was over in one night. Your responsibility goes on and on. If it means anything to you, as far as the International visitors go, you are, and have been the most popular and memorable person to hold your position in recent memory. I have heard a lot of very kind and generous comments about the changes you have brought about on both sides of the 'ocean'. Bx

Gabrielle said...

You know honey, I am not sure that I would have got this far through this year's round of pre-season grind without your help and encouragement. As you are 8 hours behind me, you've been less tired and had more energy to review things I have done, at times when I've barely been able to keep my eyes open. I have really valued that. One of the very things I dislike (timezones meaning that we are constantly out of synch on our days) has been very helpful.

If you had half an idea about how much I miss being in the same timezone as you, you'd come fetch me - it's why I don't tell you. But not long now.....Gx