Tuesday, December 18, 2007

While G is sleeping...

What do you think those Page boys are up to while G. sleeps comfortably many time zones away? Well guess what, they do stuff. I warned G. that I was in the mood to glue today, and you bet I was. The glue up for a large table is a two person job at best, so Leopold assisted. We decided to play it safe and bring the table inside. The rain forest is living up to it's name and the humidity is around 99% but you would swear it was higher, therefore glue has a better chance of drying in the house. We only have one shot at this, and I knew that if G. was here, she would not mind a few tools, etc in the living room. We used the Karscher to remove most of the evidence. No worries.

Here is how the joinery worked out. This will be the last chance to see it.


Gabrielle said...

Good work fellas! Isn't it amazing how individual pieces of wood can join together to create something that looks lovely?

I know that you have done the maths but one very, very, very small, quiet question (pretend I haven't asked it if you like), have you road tested it for size in the actual table space yet?

Just in terms of physically getting 6 chairs around it comfortably, without people knocking their knees on the table legs?

It is probably just an optical illusion created by the camera angle but is its footprint much bigger than the original table? From the photo, it looks as though it might be just about the same size?

Crikey, all I am going to do while you are both sleeping is work at my desk over here in the concrete jungle - now that does make me feel like a bit of an underachiever!

Gabrielle said...

You know...all day I have been popping back to look at the table. Good grief, it is a fine looking thing.

I feel inept - office working, IT at home ineptitude on top.

When do you get here to sort me out again?! xx