Thursday, December 20, 2007

Optical Illusions

The table is assembled. I have tried to photograph it, but as you can see it is difficult to capture a decent image of it in situ. We have decided to halt work over Christmas rather than rush the final finishing. Leopold has patiently sanded almost the entire surface of the top. I checked the final dimensions, and I think we are going to be OK with six chairs. It will be a bit cozy, but it will work. I have placed a measuring stick one yard long on the top for scale.

G. has insisted on a natural oil finish for obvious reasons. Yesterday I obtained fresh Linseed, Tung, and Japan Dryer, so can I whip up a nice batch of finish when the time is right. Perhaps we can keep and eye out while together in the UK for a really nice furniture wax to use as a finishing touch. Special thanks to Leopold for being so patient with sanding and detail. I could not have been anywhere near as thorough has he has been.

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Gabrielle said...

It looks great - I can see how you have designed it to work now too. I couldn't see that from the separate images of the base and the top.

We can road test it in February!