Friday, January 4, 2008

While you were flying...

...I comfort ate my way through the remaining contents of the fridge, the freezer and then turned into a Stepford Wife.

Good grief, this next stint could be a long 5 weeks - at this rate of consumption, I could appear at West Camp some 63lbs heavier than when you departed this morning?!

You think that I jest?! Okay: in addition to defrosting and eating the soup you made, then demolishing some cheese and biscuits, I cooked the lamb in the way that you suggested (I hope). You are right - it does make a lovely snack. Albeit a rather smart one once you have applied the little paper chef hats - it seemed a shame not to (even with a London audience of one).

I mixed the dijon with the wholegrain, despite your warnings, and it turned out absolutely fine, so here we have B's Mustard Crust, Lamb Rack, as tried by G:
  • Rosemary
  • Soya Sauce
  • Dijon and Wholegrain mustard
  • Olive Oil
  • Pepper
  • A slosh of white white - why not? The bottle was open (and not very nice, after all....)

I prepared the lamb by:

- briefly browning it in a pan
- applying the mustard crust mix to the top of each rack of lamb.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy?!

Then I roasted the lamb in a fan oven for 17-20 mins at 180 degrees (celcius).

I am thinking that some crushed garlic over the top of the mustard crust) would be the icing on the cake for this quick, tasty roast?

Then, inspired (as the oven was on), I decided to knock that packet of 'Jus Rol' puff pastry and jar of mincemeat on the head.

Just on the basis that I can hand out 2008 New Year mince pies at that meeting tomorrow morning.

I am thinking like a pirate at last. Perhaps this will make people blink in disbelief and cover up the fact that I cooked tonight, rather than did spreadsheets?

Mind you, I 'jus hop' that the fact that the 'jus rol' pastry has been defrosted for a week will not cause any tummy upsets.
I have eaten one this evening and I am okay so far...

...I'll keep you posted on any 2008 New Year mince pie projectile vomit occurances.

In fairness to my cooking, there is a winter vomiting bug going around AND it could be a general, involuntary reaction to mince pies (after the Christmas period)?

That nasty yellow looking stuff? It was an egg yolk glaze. I abandoned it after doing half a tray.

I hope you arrived home safely. The house is very empty without you today.



Brian said...

Amazing. I leave you alone for a few hours and you turn into a domestic goddess. I think the little chef's hats on the lamb are slightly over the top, but I admit they do a lot for presentation. You obviously need a hug. I have just returned from a 3:40AM run to the 24 hour convenience store to buy an aerosol can of whipped cream for Leo's breakfast, so I am not in a position to throw stones. I miss your time zone, mostly because you are in it. B

Brian said...

You know, G will be upset with me for mentioning this, but she really is a domestic goddess in cogneto. She describes herself as one of the least domestic women in the UK, however the Christmas pictures of me gaining weight from all of the wonderful meals she just 'put together at the last minute' are proof!