Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Evening Update

All of the joinery work for the table base and legs has been completed! I did a dry fitting and yes, it all works. The plan now is to carefully add some tiny details with a chisel and plane to knock the sharp edges from the legs and stretcher undersides, then sand, and sand and sand and finally glue. While the glue is setting, I will finish the top. Just had a thought! I can apply the first coat of oil just before I leave, then let the table dry in the basement. By the time I return (if I come back) it will be dry and the fumes will have dispersed.


Gabrielle said...

Wow, I am seeing a clever guy - that looks amazing.

I think that doing the first coat of oil is a great idea - that way it will be ready to cut back (do you do this with oil finishes or only with varnish ones?) and start the follow up coats when (if) you get back...

...um, hey, not go home at New Year?! Oi, you have things to do at home! Plus who would look after me when I visit West Camp in February?!

What? You want me to fetch that skillet already?!

Dotty said...

I like the more tapered legs. You were right to cut them down. The table will look gorgeous when it's finished.