Thursday, December 13, 2007

Happy Birthday!

I know that I should not be posting this - not yet anyway. Not until I am sure that a certain camper is at work and safely tucked up in his first meeting of the day.

That way, he won't know - so this will be a surprise. As it is his birthday an' all...

...shall I tell? Nggg, I want to, I want to!

Okay (scroll down) if you would like to know.

Or move on from this blog if you don't.

Honey, you too - move right along. Don't scroll down yet - nothing to see here, nothing to see!




...Hun' stop peeking, shall I go fetch a skillet?!





Okay...well maybe there is. A small something to see, that is.

I had a lot of fun yesterday picking out something really bright, colourful and silly to be delivered to the fella at work today.

After all, he is many timezones away so I cannot make a fuss of him in person.

After the serious formal flowers that I sent last time, I am just really hoping that the florist will put together something that is really fun and will foghorn loudly to his co-workers that today is his birthday and that they should be kind and make a fuss of him on my behalf.

The question is, for maximum silly effect, which arrangement do you think I opted for?!

If you are quick and vote via a comment now, you may even get your guess in before B posts a picture of the evidence! (At least, I hope that he will! *nudge, nudge*)

Was it A: flowers in the shape of a cake?!

Was it B: flowers in a mug that is a clear throw-back to clubbing and funny dancing in the nineties?!

Was it C: cheerful flowers in a vase printed with symbolic birthday candles (cupcakes not included in order, image is a serving suggestion only)?!

Was it D: a bucket of manly junk food for a comfort eating attack while watching a dvd?!

Was it E: the flowers presented as a present with a loud balloon attached for extra office embarassment?!

Was it F: an arrangement of flowers presented in the format of a gift wrapped present?!

Ahhh, decisions, decisions.

You know, with such a lovely array of daft arrangements to choose from, it was a tricky moment, selecting something to achieve the desired outcome (laughter, hopefully) and let him know that I am thinking about him from all the way over here in London.

Aww, ain't I sweet?

Fella, Happy Birthday. I hereby and publicly promise to cook you a birthday dinner when you get here...not long until I see you now!


Dotty said...

Happy Birthday B! I hope you got the happy face mug. I make my husband take his sandwich to work in a happy face sandwich container.

Hubby hates when I make a fuss about his birthday but one I year I surprised him at his office with flowers and a huge bouquet of balloons (which he had to haul home on skytrain :) I had one of his co-workers sneak me into the office and the whole corner of the floor burst into spontaneous song. Hubby turned beet red. I have picture proof - hee hee.

Brian said...

I have to admit that I enjoyed the fuss. I am not used to attention, but I ramped up quickly. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. I think flowers are worth twenty five hundred. I received option 'E', and I must say that it worked on many different levels. I received many, many hugs from people that genuinely were happy for me, and also received many laughs and odd looks from a large contingent of others.