Sunday, December 9, 2007

Design Issue

I must say that after looking at your earlier post, my mind has trouble thinking about anything but my girl. I'ts 6:30 AM and I playing 1930' s Muzette on in the background. I don't want to get a grip. I am just going with it.

I do need help with the table though. I am worried that legs have turned out too blocky. This photo shows the table legs in their current state. The groove on the table saw (with the sawdust in it) is straight and I have lined up the legs parallel with it to show the degree of taper. To the right is the jig I built years ago to taper table legs. I have created a bit of an optical allusion, and I have trouble 'seeing' the legs properly. My brain can't seem to handle tapers.


Your are going to have to really exercise your imagination for this one, but here is a leg next to the tabletop. Yes it is the right way round, but is is leaning a bit. You know, it might be OK. My options are to change the taper angle or leave the angle alone and shave wood off to lighten the leg a little. I thought about it last night quite a bit and am leaning to just lightening the leg a bit. I have had this problem since I was 10 years old. Everything I draw or build tends to be heavy. This project doesn't have to end up like that.

Your sander works amazingly well. I sands three times faster than you think it would. I hope you don't mind me using it on this table G. It has variable speed so you can match the paper to the surface.

You will enjoy creating dust with this, I assure you!

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