Monday, November 12, 2007

Wood Chips...

The call of the shop was strong today at camp. In spite of a Pacific Gale which knocked out power on many of the outlying islands today, work on the table began.

The sleeping neighbours were awoken to the sound of a power planer. One of these was even heard to say, 'There are more waves in that board than in English Bay!'.

'It comes that way from the tree you know!' was the reply returned to the fortunate fellow.

The table top is now ready for glue, which shall be applied immediately after I check in with my special camper.

Personally, I think the table will turn out to be very special.

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Gabrielle said...

Well, you got my immediate response on the phone last night - it looks amazing and I am incredibly envious of you! I bet that the shop smells fantastic and that the woodchips feel great under foot (apart from being a health and safety hazard). Oh, speaking of health and safety - what is your ventilation and dust extraction set up like in the shop?