Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Project Update Priority Review & Design Criteria

Camp Priorities

Although recent news has eliminated some of the urgency as to the comletion of the dining area before Christmas, I think this task should remain on the top of the list. The recent upgrade to the kitchen has enhanced the ability to prepare and serve quality meals to Campers. I believe that Campers should be allowed to enjoy their meals in some degree of comfort.

The recent addition of a light industrial Karcher Elektrobesen to Camp stores has simplified cleanup of the kitchen/dining area, thus freeing up time to allow the design and construction of a new Dining Table.

Recent review of 'The Art of Kitchen Design' by Johnny Grey has yielded little information for the table, but has provided some very strong ideas with regards to the replacement of overhead 'box' storage cupboard by open corner plate and glass racks. I habitually digress, but the information found so far will come in very handy down the road. The British Design Museum provided some inspiration, but I must say that the institution is well named as it is a tribute to design and thus not and ideal resource for this project.

I therefore have reverted to my original design concept which I will refer to in future as 'Arts and Crafts Lite'. Basically this style is my preference in furniture design. It borrows heavily from solid traditional forms that were popular at the same time the 'Art Neavou' movement was occuring. After all, what do you put your Art Neavou vase on? The AC Lite style also encorporates warm, traditonal material such as Oak and Cherry, with a simple construction method that allows the addition of some decoractive detail in the joinery. AC Lite fits well into the notion of 'form and function'.

Quick measurement of the existing dining table yields dimensions of 36"x44" (90cm x 110cm). Yacht Design resources indicate that a 6'1" tall male requires 32" (80cm) of 'elbow' room while a 5'3" female requires approximately 24" (60cm) to be comfortable. I therefore propose the final dimentions of the new table to be approximately 37"x56" and no larger. These dimensions reflect a comfortable seating arrangement for six adults based on an equal gender split. The additional 1" increase over current table width allows a more comforatable arrangement for a centre-piece. The increase in length should provide significantly more comfort than the existing table can provide as well as allow for the two additional guests to 'perch' if required. The next step suggested by a fellow Camper would be to outline the footprint of the new table on the existing floor to examine the 'fit' in the available space. I look forward to input on this next point.

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