Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dining Table Project

Now, when you say the words 'Art Nouveau' to me, these sorts of images crowd my mind.

This website gives a further view.

It may just be the difference between how the style manifested itself on your side of the pond and my own?

Hmm...it looks a bit carved floral and flouncy to be truly 'campy'?

To me, Arts and Crafts is all about William Morris, Charles Rennie Mackintosh etc.?

If this is what you had in mind, these links may be helpful? We can go visit the Cheltenham Museum, if you like?

Arts and Crafts Museum, Cheltenham

William Morris Society (follow links to Arts and Crafts movement)

Repro Arts and Crafts Movement Furniture etc.

Now I thought that the table that we looked at in that gallery had much cleaner, sympathetic simple lines? It seemed even more pared down in shape and style (elegance) than these images of modern, repro Shaker style tables that I have found (which are closer in feel to the table that we saw)?

To me, it had more tapered legs and more discreet jointing, a bit more like this table below.

This table below isn't right either (a bit clunky around the joins). However, it is an original, teak 1950s table, which would be closer to the age and style of your house.

It does have the tapered legs that the one in the gallery had...but the gallery one, had a sharper, more elegant top?

I am not seeking to confuse, I am seeking to clarify that we are talking about the same sort of thing...! I look forwards to seeing your photos of the table layout, all marked up in situ!

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