Thursday, November 15, 2007

One Happy Man

G was not the only one to be sent flowers this week.

I had the privilege of receiving a passionately dark red bouquet earlier this week. Honestly, things will never be the same again.

This was a first for B, and I must say that G has created an experience that I will never forget.

I feel very well looked after, cared for and honestly, more than a little spoiled.

One thing I must say about G, is that when she throws a pebble in the pond, she creates quite a splash, followed by lots and lots of ripples.

1 comment:

Gabrielle said...

So I did get you roses, after all..! They look fab fella, I hope that you are enjoying them.

p.s. Aren't we a touch smug this week?! I am sure that's just because you'll be here soon! HURRAY!