Friday, November 9, 2007


After an insipired flurry of activity this morning, all is quiet at camp. The timber for the dining table project is relaxing in the shop, the chicken is marinating, and the beer is chilling in preparation for hockey on TV. For you metric campers, the shop temperature is set at a cozy 18 degrees which should help the timber dry out. I tried to choose boards with compatible grain patterns. Please note the substantial board which will be used for table legs. This board weighs at least 2 stone and will yield 9 table legs. What do we do with the extra one campers?

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Gabrielle said...

I think that we discussed the merits of using the extra legs (and perhaps any offcuts from the main project) to create a small side table-tidy for laptops, wires, a printer and paper supplies? I will sketch what I mean out and post my idea for you to see?

Yes, a home.