Friday, November 30, 2007

Cultural Balance

G. contemplating blowing glass.

I must agree with G. in that not all was completely serious during my recent vist to London. Although we were both busy adding to our respective national GDP's, we did manage to make room in our schedules for some 'field trips'. London is one of my favourite places on this planet because it is just simply interesting. G. is truly a 'London Girl', familiar with the small details only available to local inhabitants, which made for some very special outings that I will never forget.
G. and I both enjoy Southbank because it's open and airy, has all of the essentials for casual fine dining, and yet is artistically simulating. Hats off to London Planners for building a suitable venue for G. & I's official 'Second' date.
We all know that G. and wool get a long famously, but what I enjoy so much is that G. is very interested in other media as well. She has a genuine respect for other creative people working with other materials from metal to ice cream as you may have noticed. I cannot say enough about my first visit the V & A with G., as it is part of the 'Balanced' lifestyle we are trying to achieve.

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Gabrielle said...

Hey honey, have you read this back..?

Um, did you really mean, 'contemplating blown glass'?!